Interactive RF Circuit Analysis

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The quickest way to understand SimSmith's capabilities is to view an introductory video.
(Sorry about the sound quality.)

Move videos can be seen at =>
and more movies at the sites below

SimSmith was written in Java using the Eclipse IDE.   Packaging and profiling utitlities are provided by ej-technologies.                          

SimSmith Is An Evolving Program.

This means that over time, basic operation can change.  Changes are made for a variety of reasons: adding functionality, fixing bugs, making things 'consistent' across subsystems, making things 'intuitive' for the user, meeting industry standards and/or expectations, etc.

These changes can cause considerable angst, particularly when attempting to follow along while watching a video.  If you run into this problem I appologize. Please access the help menu, refering to the 'SimSmith' manual, the 'recent changes', or the 'release notes'.  I try to at least say that something has changed and occasionally say why.

SimSmith distributions are available from folders in my dropbox.  Each distribution contains installation packages for Windows, MAC, or Linux as well as the basic '.jar' file executable.  After installation, all manuals and release notes are available from within SimSmith starting at 'help' pulldown menu item.  Additionaly, each dropbox folder contains a 'pdfs' subdirectory which also contains the up to date manuals as well as legacy manuals for earlier versions.

A Typical Dropbox Directory is:


the "_Readme.txt" file describes the directory structure.

Version numbers in SimSmith have a 'major' number, a 'minor' number, and a build designation which are lower case letters. A typical verison number would be "16.9 av". I strive to ensure that 'builds' do not change fundamental operation but occasionally I fail.

At present, three versions of SimSmith are available.

Please backup your computer before downloading any new software.  

Larry Benko has made dozens (a hundred?) videos about using SimSmith to understand RF circuits.  Many were made with an older version (15.1) and a few using a somewhat newer version (16.9).  Both of these releases are available below. There are some subtle differences in the builds of 16.9 which can cause some confusion.  I apologize for this cavaleir behavior on my part.

Finally, the most recent release version 17.0.  Significant changes are announced on the 

15.1        Useful when following along Larry Benko's older videos

16.9av   Useful for Larry's newer videos.

17.0    Recommended.  New builds are released here. Please read the latest releast notes (in the download directory) before installing.

Please feel free to contact me with suggestions or questions at  

Again, please also consider joining the SimSmith group at